Network Integration, Inc. provides several different types of consulting services.  These services are designed to provide a flexible approach and are evaluated on a project by project basis.

New Technology Alignment Analysis

With the rapid pace of evolving technology in the Internet, it is often difficult to stay on top of all the changes.  At Network Integration we make it a point to stay on top of the latest technologies and standards, and to be able to quickly research almost any area of networking technology.  With this information we are able to analyze a companys existing products and strategy to determine the options that need to be evaluated to capitalize on these existing assets, while incorporating new technologies, and planning for the future.

Internet and Networking Trends Analysis

Because of our broad exposure to the current trends in computer networking, we are able to provide a variety of business and product analysis and feedback.  Evaluating business plans, and product feature sets, we will provide analysis on the potential success and options available.  We are also able to provide information on potential alliances and partners.

Software / Prototype Development

With access to a wide range of programming talent, we are also able to create prototype or demonstration software, along with complete software products.

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